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The history of sicilian “Sfilato” and “Filet”

Sicilian “Sfilato” and “Filet” are two of the most well-know manufactures of sicilian embroidery. Sicilian “Sfilato” goes back to the end of the 14 th century in eastern sicily. “Filet” first began in France and from there it spread through Europe, arriving in Sicily where embroiderers personalised it, creating their own special style.
In the sooth century both sicilian “Sfilato” and “Filet” were very successfull with italian and french gentry, but such manufactures were also appreciated by the clergy, who used theme, and which are still used for sacred ornaments today.
In short, both “Sfilato” and “Filet” have long been part of the most prestigious trousseau and furnishings that have been passed on from generation to generation.


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The technique

Sicilian “Sfilato” is only carried out on linen cloth using valuable yarns. It is obtained by removing a certain number of threads from the cloth, in both directions, forming a net, and then working on this.
“Filet” is carried out by firstly working on a knotted net, known as the “fisherman” and secondly by working with it as a frame, creating the chosen design.

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